KRELL Full Powe Balanced 200c Amplifiers ~ used

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Krell Full Power Balanced 200c Amplifiers

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The Full Power Balanced 200c Stereo Power Amplifier is designed for the audiophile who wants the ultimate sound quality from a stereo amplifier with power capabilities of 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm, 400 Watts per channel into 4 Ohm, and 800 Watts per channel into 2 Ohm loudspeaker loads.

– Fully balanced circuitry from input to output insures signal integrity, rejects noise, and improves signal-to-noise ratios to deliver a “”night and day”” sonic difference when compared to typical single-ended circuitry.
– Computer regulated power supply provides consistent sound quality at wide dynamic range regardless of fluctuating line voltages.
– Current mode operation ensures wide bandwidth and accurate harmonic reproduction for lifelike sound reproduction.
– Class A operation to full rated output redistributes minor distortion by-products and delivers clear transient sounds and harmonically correct overtones.
– Proprietary Krell output and driver transistors assure substantial output current capability.


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